An exciting announcement about Wellow Art Academy...

Dear Wellow Art Academy member,


We hope you’ve been enjoying the lessons and website community since we last spoke.


We’re writing to you today to let you know about an exciting change which has come to Wellow Art Academy.


Wellow Art Academy was launched in March 2020 in response to the challenges of Covid that we have all had to grapple with. As we started 'on the run, rather like building a plane in flight, we’ve constantly been on the lookout for exciting ways to teach as well as nurturing the all-important community aspect of Wellow Art Academy, through the forum and Facebook group and more recently, live interactive Zoom lessons. 

Our aim has always been to make the online experience feel as close to a real art school as possible and we like to think we offer something way more personal and supportive to our students than many other online art schools.


Your input has been amazing; it’s the sense of community and mutual encouragement we’ve seen here over the last year or so that we want to maintain as the very centrepoint of what we offer. 

Our lovely, encouraging community!

Since we launched, we’ve come across several limitations with the technical aspect of our website which have perhaps kept us back. For example, we feel that the Sketchbook Forum is a little too clunky and the tuition videos page is perhaps unclear and tricky to use. 


For some time now, our aim has been to have a greater connection between the tuition videos and the community aspect of the site; we wanted these two things to be in one, clear place. We’ve also wanted to add features such as ‘commenting’ on videos, monthly Sketch Challenges and the ability for members to message each other on the website (as well as an abundance of other helpful features).


So we did just that. 


Over the last few months, we’ve been building a new platform - a new home for Wellow Art Academy to move over to! The new website is very similar to Wellow Art Academy. We’ll still be releasing our weekly tuition videos, and the Friday Zoom tutorials with Julie will continue - it is still us!


We’ll be doing all the things we’re doing now but in a more user-friendly way and importantly, we’ll be able to build and modify the website according to what you ask for. The new website’s name, SketchUrban, hopefully represents a lot of the urban sketching (amongst lots other things!) that we already get up to here.


Simply put, on the 1st June we officially moved over to this exciting new website!


Nothing will change in terms of your subscription, the only thing you’ll need to do is sign up to the new website via a few clicks (and we’ll guide you through this easy process). 

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 14.37.49.png

A sneak peak of the new community space...

In our new home, SketchUrban, you can expect all the content you already have access to here. By popular demand, we will start to take a slightly more course-based approach; every now and then we’ll be releasing a structured, multi-part art course which covers and hopefully introduces you to a new subject or technique (of course, we will still continue to release a regular weekly tuition video, usually with Julie teaching, alongside these courses).


In fact, we’ve already been putting together some fantastic courses which are ready and waiting for you on the new website. Taught by Julie and other specialist tutors, these courses cover a bit of urban sketching, drawing buildings and illustration as well as a whole course dedicated to starter skills. There are plans to bring you courses covering figure drawing, landscapes and more in the near future.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 14.48.12.png

A lesson, part of one of our amazing new courses

In other news, Julie has just restarted her face-to-face lessons in the Caravan. Classes will be small to start with but there is a marquee ready to go with more capacity. Booking is via the new website and you can find more information on this on the new member's area.

To find out more about how to move over, click here. You'll be taken to a post on the forum which will help you get set up. We're always here to help you you have any questions along the way.

We also want to thank you for your continued support. It is your enthusiasm and commitment to this project which makes it the amazing artistic community that it is. We are really looking forward to having you along with us along the next stage of Wellow Art Academy’s journey as we really feel that this move will help this community prosper even further.


See you there!


All the best,


Julie and Phin


Julie Sajous


An art teacher, Julie directs and produces all the creative lesson content we see on Wellow Art Academy.


Phin Sajous


A web designer and video producer, Phin manages WAA's website as well as the customer service.