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Fun with the British Summer...and filming.

So all of you probably know that I work from my studio, which is a gorgeous (now) old mobile home that my mum and I converted into a studio some years back. The thing is , it is what it is. which sounds daft but I do have to remember that it is essentially a sardine tin....a little bigger of course, and you (regulars) are not sardines!

Things are fine if I remember this, but the new collection of tools and materials, gantries and leads I have bought for WAASP video-making has rather gone to my head, and I see myself somewhere rather grander. It's only the nearby presence and influence of the good old fashioned British weather that reminds me very quickly what metal box it is that contains the film set!

So far we have had lovely sunshine and so the videos have been gently and naturally lit. More recently though came the heat which was hard to bear in the tin box and probably brought a lot of glare. You will see, bright white spots on my work desk.

The hardest though has been the brisk winds of late because the studio actually MOVES! You will see this if you look carefully and should also be able to spot the hedges behind the caravan thrashing about and making mottled marks all over the demo desk.

Today some more kit arrived; some fantastic real studio lights (that were unbelievably retrieved from a skip). So we shall get these rigged up and hopefully all the light variations will be a things of the past. Or, perhaps you like them?!

One thing is for sure I will never be able to block out the rattle and roll of my "Monaco Riviera" as she braves a Force 7. At least now you will know what is causing the wobble!

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